Truth about Bitcoin

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Bitcoin was created for the Judeo-Masonic engineers of the 1971 OPEC/Nixon Shock U.S. Petrodollar Scammers (the Jewish Federal Reserve System) to slowly and safely exit the contrived crash of the U.S. economy. Consider Bitcoin as a lifeboat, and a transition vessel for stolen wealth to maintain it’s value in the move to the NEXT Judeo-Masonic monetary scam. Once the new roll-out of the next Z.O.G. usury monetary platform, Bitcoin will lose all of its perceived value.

Bitcoin is nothing more than a Zionist wealth transition tool, and nothing more.

Federal Reserve System = 322 (Francis Bacon)

  • NOTE: BTC Spotprice as of December 10, 2017 15:17PM EST $15,422.58 USD
  • NOTE: BTC Spotprice as of January 09, 2018 19:30PM EST $14,105.88 USD

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