They Live: Zachary Hubbard’s Gematria Sunglasses

They Live was a Film Paying Homage to Gematria

They Live was a Film Paying Homage to Gematria

The movie They Live, We Sleep +They Live was a film paying homage to Gematria. Narration used in this mashup is from a video by Zachary K. Hubbard at Free To Find Truth blog. His video can be viewed here: Zachary Hubbard’s YouTube channel. I agree with him in his synopsis. However, the mainstream news is doing your thinking, but I find the base of the problem is the Judeo-Masonic’s FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM = 322 (Francis Bacon), a “Goy” enslaving usury monetary tool.

This will continue until the sheeple assembles a NON-MASONIC Military, with Special Operation Units that will travel to every town coast-to-coast terminating these Judeo-Masonic Zionist criminal shitbags…, and I DO MEAN terminate by any means possible.


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