Get Off The Controlled Opposition TRAIN, Your Destination is Bleak


The Financial System is YOUR ENSLAVEMENT

Name Collector

The following facts will be hard for the average person waking up (to the centuries of lies concerning the United States) to take, Zachary's a charismatic and very articulate part of the Rothschild controlled opposition team. In his cut and paste digital book on gematria, he only mentions Rothschild surname twice. Both are obvious facts that can't be circumvented like most relevant facts he maneuvers around. If you use all the gematria ciphers the results will give up his secrets. Or if you've been following his work for sometime..., just take a step back and really listen to his words. We know why he's here and his agenda. Do YOU see him doing ANY public speaking? The only time you see this AGENT is in his government property SAFE ZONE or driving around the military base.

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