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Join the Truther Network with PayPal



All PayPal pledges $3 per month will receive a username/password to log in to the Truther Network. This will enroll you on the website.

  • USD$3 30 day membership (1 Month)
  • USD$18 180 day membership (6 Months)
  • USD$36 365 day membership (1 Year)
  • USD$            Enter custom amount

*Note: Due to past high volume of spammers we no longer accept public enrollments and offer only donor memberships through Donorbox, PayPal or Bitcoin. I have to sign you up manually for membership which may take up to 24 hours (usually less) to receive your login details. Thank you for your patience.

Support the Truther Network by becoming a membership donor with PayPal for as little as $3 per month. Members like you funding this internet community, your donor membership ensures this platform of change will be here tomorrow. Please add a note that includes your desired Username.


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